Greetings from the office of The Manager, St.Mary’s School

Millions of students grow up and empower themselves academically and receive holistic formation as men and women of character and conviction through thousands of our catholic

Fr.Johnney  K.C. Manager

Educational institutions. Our St.Mary’s E/M Sr.Sec. School (C.B.S.E) Dhamtari joins hand in hand with them. St.Mary’s E/M Sr.Sec. School (C.B.S.E) Dhamtari C.G. is committed to give our students an education that will enable them to grow up as upright men and women as responsible as citizens and the glorious future of India. As they get will groomed to become successful persons ready to take on challenges of life, through our education they receive in St.Mary’s School Dhamtari C.G. It is our concern that we provide in all possible manner an absolutely safe and healthy environment for them.

            We try to make our apostolate of education a viable living calalaslytic agent for our students life. The Management thank God the Almighty for the manifold Blessings showers on this institution as the temple of education. Today as the school of looks back the undivided services and sacrifices of the previous Managers and Principals are Gratefully remembered. The Yeoman services of  Raipur Diocese Educational Society (R.D.E.S) cannot be forgotten. All the staff and the wellwishers of the school are specially remembered. The continued services of the congregation of the sisters of St.Annes, Banglore is gratefully remembered.

            All I want to say you dear Students, Staff, Parents and the well wishers of the school is to remember that we shall pass through this world but once Any good therefore we can do or any kindness that we can show to any human being let us do it now, not defer, not neglected for we may not pass through this way again.

            The vision and Mission of St.Mary’s School Dhamtari is to mould responsible conscious citizens of the Nation in order to cater the needs of the people and the place. In this continued on going process it is bounden duty of the school to ensure that the school produce not merely Job-seekers but to produce more and more Job-creators. What I mean is that the school shall not focus on merely preparing students for more and more competitive examination to enable them get more and more merely employed. But the school should prepare students more and more through their self-innovations and scientific outlook exposed more and more to be creators of job through various activities in the school like Exhibition, model making, clay making Floral  presentation life-skills, value education, sports and games, helping them to be voracious readers making library dear to life, making use of Smart Board classrooms availing the service of qualified and experienced teachers in a life of Eco-friendly environment.

            It is on par with the National Educational policy 2020 emphasising the importance of hand on learning and learning by doing besides ensuring that the school becomes a centre for holistic development of students, through Laboratories library, sports and outreach programmes being integral to the learning process in our school.

            Seeking of the choicest Blessing of the Almighty on all of us.