Books are the best friend of a man. They show the way to a person to become civilized by providing him knowledge. They provide him s light of knowledge in the dark way of illiteracy. Books are world of knowledge and library is a world of books. Library provides us a very useful way to gathers information on whichever topic we want. Library consists of books for all age groups. From a 5 year child to an old man of 75 years, everyone can go there and gather knowledge on their own; as such there is no age for learning. Library, not only constitutes of books for the students. Rather it encircles all spheres and stages of life. Like love, hatred, happiness, sorrow, desire, etc. It does not judge the books on the basis of caste, creed, religion, colour and tribe of the author. It does not discriminate the people coming there on the basis of social evils. Thus, a library quietly encourages and enhances equality and provides all of us a bright way in the path of success and helps us achieve it.

Library enhances the sense of unity among people of every field of work. Even a farmer can come to the library and gather information and knowledge as per their need and requirement. Library provides a silence and peaceful atmosphere for studies and gathering knowledge. This characteristic of library increases the concentration of the students and helps them gather more and more knowledge.

Library also provides a stress free atmosphere because of their peaceful nature. As a person is too much busy in this world, his head gets burned and it is impossible for him to focus and complete all his work. His mind starts going everywhere and neither of his work gets completed nor his head gets lightened. In this situation library provides a good option for students to come here and make their all work get complete.

Library is a good place for a person to get its feeling unexposed. A heartbroken person ditched in love, a person discriminated from a society and family, a poor person, a rich person, etc can come to the library and have can give time to himself and can acquire a skill of self-communication and self-motivation. When there is no one with a person and he is left alone in the way, books become him and guide the way to success. So, we can say that library is a heaven in this earth and the house for a man’s best friend.