Dear Parents, Student and Staff,

Good morning to one and all Stories have the power to transform connect and inspire people all over the world. So let me begin with a story. In the great Indian epic, Mahabharat there is the interesting story of Arjun’s skill at archery displayed in tournament held to test one’s marksmanship.

St.Mary’s E/M Sr.Sec. School (C.B.S.E)

On a high pole hung a wooden fish, with its eye serving as the target. A host of brave princess took up the challenge to short the fish’s eye. Just before each one could let his arrow fly to test his concentration his Guru would ask him what he saw, and all of them invariably replied that they saw a fish on a pole at a great height……and went on to describe the head of the fish, or its colour. And so on when Arjun was asked the same question as he took aim, he replied: “I see nothing but the eye of the fish” And he was the only one who succeeded in piercing the target with his arrow!

Dear students, in your pursuit to win it is very important to clarifying your vision. How focused are you? It must be constantly checked. If you are clear about your goals take a very appropriate step in the next task. Your vision, conscious effort, collaboration in work and contribution can make your life beautiful and meaningful and it will raise our institution too to greater heights.

 I wish and pray that my students be the transforming power in their family and society. Let me conclude with the words of a great teacher Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, we are all born with divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness”, God bless You all.