Students has a right to education. Hence, on working days, he/she must be in school, not on leave. Leave must be reserved for dire emergencies. Students must desist from taking leave for flimsy excuses or for “Touring” .

    1. Minimum attendance required to be eligible to appear for the Summative Assessment is:
      • Class P.P.I – VIII – 80%
      • Class IX – XII – 75%
    2. Leave of absence may be granted to a pupil for sufficient cause but only on prior application in the manual.
    3. If a pupil is absent due to illness or any other reason the principal must be informed immediately and the pupil on returning to school, must bring a note from the parents or guardian stating the reason for absence.In case of illness a medical certificate is essential.
    4. Parents are requested not to ask children to come away from school before the school closes for that day. Half day leave will not be granted on the days of assessment.
    5. Children will not be sent home in an emergency with anyone who might come for them during school hours, without a written request from the parents or guardians, who are authorized signatories.
    6. The school authorities will not be responsible for anything happening to a student of any class before or after school hours and outside the school premises.
    7. Parents/Guardian must take this matter with some seriousness and see to it that their child/ ward comes to school on time and reaches home soon after classes are over.
    8. Attendance on the first day after holidays and on last day before holidays is compulsory. Absentees could be fined as seen appropriate.