Admission And Withdrawal


  1. New pupils must be introduced personally by the parents or guardians who will be responsible to the school for their regular attendance and payment of fees.
  2. The management has the right to decide on what condition they will admit or retain a pupil in the school, in conformity with the bye laws of the C.B.S.E.
  3. The Higher Secondary Section has three faculties; Maths, Biology and Commerce. Admission to these faculties is based on the number of seats available, percentage of marks, character and attendance. Even students of this institution may be refused admission to class XI for lack of expected marks, character or attendance.
  4. Students falling under the “grade improvement” category of class X exam (even from this institution) are not eligible for admission to class XI until they have cleared.
  5. A pupil who fails to take his leaving certificate( T.C.) within a year of his leaving school, will be levied a search fee. An amount will be charged also for duplicate copy or any extract from the school register.