Admission Process


  • Admission is done on the basis of the result of theprevious class and the entrance test.
  • Admission form must be filled in by the parents. The admission form should be accompanied by theoriginal and photostat copy of the authentic certificate containing the child’s name and date of birth. The name and date of birth once entered in the Admission Register, will not be altered.
  • A pupil coming from another school is required to produce the original Transfer Certificate, the Progress Report of the whole year and the Annual Examination marks. A student coming from any other state / district / Boards is required to bring his / her Certificate of Transfer duly counter-signed by the competent Education Officer.
  • When Transfer Certificate is to be issued, the parentmust make an application on the prescribed form given in this Hand Book at least two days in advance.All fees and other dues to the school have to be paid up before the T. C. issued. Fees are due so long as the pupil’s name is on the roll.
  • The Principal has the right to refuse admission orcontinuation of studies of any pupil whose conduct or attendance is unsatisfactory at any time of the year.